About Us


IT IS NOT ONLY A SALES PLATFORM. We have workforce and own store. Furthermore we work in distribution more tan 20 years.

WE DO NOT DROPSHIPPING: We don’t sale our products in other sales platforms (These online stores carry only commissions for managing traffic and sales) To keep competitive prices of our products we can not include third-party commissions.

TRANSPORT: We do not get profit with. If you find a cheaper transport company we give you the option to collect in our store, just send an e-mail to webalregi@alregi.es and we will arrange it. If this cost is expensive for you, remember that transportation is paid according to the weight of the package, a bottle of wine 3/4 usually weighs about 1.7kg.

CUSTOMER CARE: The e-mails received from our customers are answered in less than 24 hours with a personalized and appropriated treatment for each incident, IT’S NOT MANAGED BY MEANS OF ANY ROBOT.